Haikuist for haiku challenges

  1. There will be a new challenge prompt every week.
  2. A new haiku has to be written for each challenge prompt.
  3. You can write more than one haiku for each challenge prompt
  4. Be nice. Bad haiku will be removed.

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Forgave many friends
Decided that grudges suck
Here's to a new lead

— no more grudges

He loves you this much
And wonders how you're doing
Happy Father's day

— Terry

Happy Father’s Day
Thanks for trying and trying
And understanding

— Terry

Father’s Day
she tells me
I’m not the father

— Disarray

I am now a dad
What exactly does that mean?
Let me ask my dad

— New Dad, Denver, CO

If I am lucky
I'll get to sleep in Sunday
Yeah, that won't happen

— Father's day, Miami, FL

I follow her recipe,
when she made this for younger me
mother’s day

— Star

tiny baby socks
become bigger stinky ones
still love the feet, though

— Baby

Create memories
think, absorb, cherish these times
to spark inner soul.

— Jake